BACnet’s Future in Building Automation
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April 2024
BACnet Int'l #25

BACnet’s Future in Building Automation

BACnet's Role in Data Center Sustainability
Rapidly Building a Secure Framework to Manage BMS Data
BACnet Global Community Outlook: The future of the BACnet protocol as it approaches 30 years
BACnet International releases Lighting System Upgrades to the BACnet International Guide Specification
Deploying BACCARI
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The Journal is a trade magazine for the building automation industry. Experts, practitioners, and professionals show the way through articles and case studies –from building automation trends to devices and application projects; from qualification and training to testing and certification; from who is who in the BACnet community to useful information on events and publications.

Its focus is not just updates, developments, stories, and news on the BACnet protocol but also the wider building automation industry as a whole.

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Innovations and Integrations in Building Automation
BACnet Int'l #24
October 2023

Innovations and Integrations in Building Automation

Unlocking the Power of BACnet in Industrial Automation
New Cybersecurity Acceleration Program to Fast-track BACnet/SC Implementation
Compliance as a Catalyst: Regulatory-Driven Sustainability in Data Centers
Exploring Integration Opportunities with Airflow Measurement Stations
BACnet Protocol Expands Dominant Market Share in Latest Market Research Report
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BACnet Testing & Certification
BACnet Int'l #23
May 2023

BACnet Testing & Certification

Energy Savings using Communicating Thermostats
BTL Certification Overview
How to Get Your BACnet Product Tested
Why Specify the BTL Mark?
HVAC Integration in Context of Energy Savings
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The New Journal
BACnet Int'l Issue #22
December 2022

The New Journal

BAS Integration: The Reality of a Multi-Protocol World
Why BACnet Is the Key to Energy Efficiency in Data Centers
Avoid Integration Issues with BMS Specifications
Legacy Buildings Need Love Too
Three Ways BACnet Is Changing HVACR in 2023
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BACnet Roadmap
BACnet Int'l Issue #21
May 2022

BACnet Roadmap

Cybersecurity Roadmap
BACnet Provides an Ideal Smart Building Backbone
Bringing EnOcean Devices to BACnet
The Value of Remote BMS Access For Healthcare Organizations
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BACnet in Today’s World
BACnet Int'l Issue #20
November 2021

BACnet in Today’s World

Fast and Efficient Integrations Thanks to BACnet
Using BACnet and Active Front End VFDs to Lower Your Utility Bill
Deploying and Maintaining BACnet Systems in Today's Networks
Hong Kong Road to Smart City Passes Through Massive Data Integration
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The BACnet Ecosystem
BACnet Int'l Issue #19
April 2021

The BACnet Ecosystem

The Open BACnet Ecosystem
Co-Existence of BACnet in the IoT Ecosystem
Commissioning and Troubleshooting BACnetNetworks Securely Using VPNs
BACnet Streamlines Commissioning HVAC Systems
Open Journal
BACnet Security: The Big Picture
BACnet Int'l Issue #18
November 2020

BACnet Security: The Big Picture

BACnet/SC: The Big Picture
Proper BACnet integration to a VFD
All About BACnet Broadcast Management Devices (BBMDs)
Securing Building Systems in a BACnet/SC Environment
The Development and Success of “The Integrator” in the City of Ottawa
Open Journal
BACnet Secure Connect and Cyber Security in Buildings
BACnet Int'l Issue #17
November 2019

BACnet Secure Connect and Cyber Security in Buildings

Connecting Wi-Fi to a BACnet/IP Backbone
The HVACaaS Revolution
Addressing the Cybersecurity Threat
Integrating Asset Management and BAS
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