About the Cybersecurity Acceleration Program

BACnet International would like to invite you to the next phase of BACnet cybersecurity, the Cybersecurity Acceleration Program. Designed for manufacturers, the Cybersecurity Acceleration Program aims to reduce their cybersecurity implementation learning curve and align their product development with industry direction on interoperability and best practices.

The program includes reference implementation and source code components including:

  • Certificate Authority (CA) server
  • Certificate Signing Request (CSR) generation and validation tool
  • Machine readable, interoperable certificate file format

Fast track your in-house technical knowledge and development with additional program features including:

  • Cybersecurity implementation webinars
  • Early tool release with full source code license
  • Expert moderated developer’s forum
  • Manufacturer’s cybersecurity guidelines document development

Access to BRITE is also included in the Cybersecurity Acceleration Program.

BRITE provides a confidential, supplier-independent environment for remote interoperability testing of BACnet devices. The focus of BRITE is BACnet/SC product interoperability testing, and it utilizes BACnet/SC to achieve secure connections over the Internet. This allows cooperating suppliers to evaluate the interoperability of their BACnet devices without physical co-location.

BRITE is built around a collection of cloud based BACnet/SC hubs along with interoperability support and diagnostic tools. Test sessions typically involve two suppliers and are arranged through BACnet International. Each session is private, only allowing access to the specific suppliers participating in that test session. BACnet/SC Interoperability Acceleration program participants are eligible for discounts and access to dedicated cloud hubs.

Program Cost:

Corporate Members: $5,000

Non-members: $10,600 (includes a Silver Membership to BACnet International, view BACnet International Member Benefits)

The Cybersecurity Acceleration Program is FREE to all educational institutions.

After the program ends, the cost of program contents will increase to $6,500 for Corporate Members and $7,500 for non-members.

For more information, please contact Dave Nardone at

Note: You must be logged to register. Corporate Members of BACnet International, in good financial standing, are eligible for the member rate. For BACnet International Corporate Members, if your company or a team member is not in our system, please let us know so we can ensure we get you set up in order to receive the Corporate Member discount (save $5,600). 

Participating Companies and Educational Institutions: