Cybersecurity Acceleration Program

With the phenomenal success of the BACnet Secure Connect Interoperability Acceleration Program, BACnet International would like to invite you to the next phase of BACnet cybersecurity.

The first stage of this new program focuses on providing you with the knowledge and tools to add interoperable network configuration to your solutions. The second stage provides guidance and tools to understand and implement certificate management. Fast track your in-house technical knowledge and development with:

  • Early access to the reference implementations
  • Access to technical forums monitored by industry experts
  • Access to multiple webinars
  • Access to multi-vendor testing
  • Source code licensing
  • Participation in ongoing development of the Manufacturer’s BAS Cybersecurity

2023 Q1 – Forum Open for Discussion

Interoperable Network Configuration
2023 Q1 – Interoperable Configuration Webinar
2023 Q2 – Reference Design Beta Release
2023 Q3 – Reference Design Final Release

Certificate Management
2023 Q3 – Certificate Management Webinar
2023 Q3 – Reference Design Beta Releas
2023 Q4 – Reference Design Final Release

Contact us for more information.