Membership Overview

BACnet International members make up a broad community of companies and individuals interested in the development, application and utilization of BACnet. The association provides its members with resources and information as well as networking and collaboration opportunities. Benefits are tailored to fit the needs of various segments of the BACnet community.

Corporate Membership

BACnet International provides its corporate members with extensive financial, informative, marketing and promotional benefits. Its tiered corporate membership structure is designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of companies. The benefits and cost of each tier are designed to provide exceptional value to companies involved in the design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of building automation equipment, controls and systems.  Explore information on corporate membership tiers and benefits.

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Individual Participation

BACnet International provides interested individuals with access to extensive education, information and networking benefits. Individual participation categories are designed to meet the needs of people with various interests and roles in the building automation, building management and associated industries. Explore information on Individual participation categories and benefits.

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Volunteer (Individual Contribution)

The BACnet community has a long legacy of volunteers working together to enable better solutions through a standard building automation communications protocol. Experienced professionals, students, and a variety of other interested people build their professional careers by contributing their expertise and knowledge. Explore more on BACnet International volunteer opportunities and benefits.

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