Minimum Protocol Revision changes January 1, 2024

The BTL Testing Policies states (Section 3): “The BTL requires that products being tested for BTL Certification claim a Protocol Revision equal to or greater than a moving minimum. The minimum Protocol_Revision is determined each January 1st and is the highest Protocol_Revision which has been available in a BTL Test Plan for at least 4 years.”

On January 1, 2024, the minimum Protocol_Revision will become PR_16. This does not apply to unchanged products applying for BTL Certificate Renewal Testing.

Existing BTL Certifications and BTL Listings are not affected. However, if a product is updated and is submitted for re-testing with changed or new BACnet functionality, then the product must be PR_16 or higher.

All products that are at their Recognized BACnet Testing Organization (RBTO) and are ready to begin testing before the end of 2023, may test at the current minimum Protocol_Revision (PR_15).