BACnet International Guide Specification Expanded to include Lighting

BACnet International’s Guide Specification released in 2022 has been updated with information on how to specify BACnet-based lighting systems.

The GuideSpec was updated with a contribution from Grant Wichenko of Appin Associates.

It covers how standard BACnet objects and services can be used the Lighting System Equipment Supplier to provide information to the Building Automation System (BAS) on the status and energy consumption of the lights in a building.

The Guide Spec gives guidance to the BAS Designer and the Electrical Designer of Record on how to add BACnet spec language into the Division 25 specification and the Division 26 lighting specification.

It is a valuable resource for BAS Designers and Specifiers as it will save time, make it easier to develop project documents, and, ultimately, provide the two authors with a better finished product.

The updated Guide Specification is available on The BACnet Institute.