Subscribe to BRITE!

The BRITE program is offered to our BACnet International member community. If you are already a BACnet International corporate member please log into your account and follow the steps below to subscribe. If you are new to BACnet International, please contact our membership coordinator to make further arrangements.

To subscribe to BRITE, please follow these steps.
  1. MEMBER: Your company is a corporate member of BACnet International AND you have an “Employee of Corporate Member” account for the BACnet International site:
  2. MEMBER: Your company is a corporate member of BACnet International, but you do not yet have an “Employee of Corporate Member” BACnet International log in:
    • Go to the BACnet International member registration page to set up your account.
    • Under “Select Member Type”, select “Employee of Corporate Member.”
    • Select a username and enter the name of your organization.
    • Complete the “Member Information” fields to create your BACnet International profile.
    • Once completed you will receive an email confirming your account. If you selected “Consent to Receive Communication” while completing the form, you will receive periodic BACnet International corporate communications, including our newsletters and publications covering industry and association news.
    • You can now go to the following page to complete your BRITE subscription or come back to this page and click on the Subscribe to BRITE button.
  3. NON-MEMBER: Your company is NOT a corporate member of BACnet International: Please contact us