“Member of BACnet International” Logo

We have created a “Member of BACnet International” logo for our Corporate Members, who are in good standing, to use in their marketing efforts. This logo should be used in a professional manner and can be applied to business cards, letterhead (correspondence materials), literature, advertisements, trade show booth materials and structure, website, or in any other comparable manner to signify an organization’s corporate membership in BACnet International.

PLEASE NOTE: The “Member of BACnet International” logo may never be used independent of the phrase “Member of” and must adhere to the terms in the attached License Agreement.

Please review the License Agreement before downloading and using the logo. Use of the logo shall constitute consideration for, agreement to, and acceptance of the terms and conditions of the attached license by the member.

There are three different file formats of the “Member of BACnet International” logo, depending on your desired use. The .jpg and .png files are most likely for on screen use, while the .eps file is for print materials. To access the “Member of BACnet International” logo artwork, email info@bacnetinternational.org.